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From Linuxdevices.com article

Tiny WAPs (Wireless Access Points) share files and printers - $115 Jun. 21, 2006


Half a dozen companies around the world are shipping tiny Linux-based wireless access points (WAPs) with built-in file and printer servers. The WAPs appear to run a 2.4-series Linux kernel ... The design appears to be based on RDC Semiconductor's R8610, a 133MHz RISC-based SoC that executes the i486 instruction set at about 44 bogoMIPS.

... 16KB of L1 cache, a 33MHz PCI bus, an external SDRAM/ROM/memory controller, IPC (internal peripheral controller) with DMA and IRQ timer/counter, a 10/100 Ethernet MAC, FIFO UART, and USB 2.0 host controller. ... 32MB of SDRAM, 4MB of Flash, and support user-supplied 2.5-inch (laptop-sized) hard drives formated with FAT, FAT32, or ext2. Claimed wireless throughputs up to 6MB/s ...

... an 802.11G WiFi interface supporting WPA and WEP encryption. The interface can be configured as a wireless client, access point, WDS bridge, or WDS repeater ...

Dual USB 2.0 ports can be used to connect memory card readers ... The ports also support USB OTG ("on the go") [and] LPR print server software for USB printers.

Designs believed to be based on the RDC SoC include:


WAPs based on the RDC R8610 appear to be available now, priced at about $115.