RPI BCM2708 Parameters

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module: sdhci-bcm2708

Support for SDHCI device on BCM2708. SDHCI platform device - Arasan SD controller in ​BCM2708

module parameter description purpose / reason to use
allow_highspeed Allow high speed transfers modes Parameter to disable high-speed mode for the few cards that still might have problems. High-speed mode is enabled by default.[1][2]
emmc_clock_freq Specify the speed of emmc clock 25 MHz or 50 MHz (high speed mode). 50 MHz (default) clock is perfect to drive the SD interface at ideal frequencies[3][4]
sync_after_dma Block in driver until dma complete We get CRC and DEND errors unless we wait for he SD controller to finish reading/writing to the card[5][6]


missing_status Use the missing status quirk May improve interrupt latency on some sdcards [8]
spurious_crc_acmd51 Use the spurious crc quirk for reading SCR (ACMD51) Fixes for CRC calculation errors after card reset [9]
enable_llm Enable low-latency mode Low latency mode for sdcards (1=enable)[10][11]
extra_messages Enable more sdcard warning messages

module: dwc_otg

HS OTG USB Controller driver

module parameter description purpose / reason to use
fiq_fix_enable Enable/disable FIQ patch Lower number of interrupts when USB is idle, gains about 10% performance on the ARM side[12]


speed Limit speed to full speed set to 1 to limit to full speed (USB 1.1) (When set to 0: USB 2.0 high speed) Might break some keyboards? [14]
lpm_enable Change USB Link Power Management Default is 0 to disable LPM support [15]
microframe_schedule Enable/disable microframe scheduler Improve USB with multiple endpoints? Default is on (1)[16]
nak_holdoff_enable Enable the NACK holdoff Reduce interrupt overhead when devices hold off using NACKs[17]

module: i2c-bcm2708

BSC controller driver for Broadcom BCM2708

module parameter description purpose / reason to use
baudrate The I2C baudrate Change default (100KHz) baudrate for i2c [18] [19]

module: w1-gpio

GPIO w1 bus master driver

module parameter description purpose / reason to use
pullup - Enable pullup to enable parasite power in bitbang mode [20]


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