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This page contains a set of ongoing projects. When complete, these projects will create new applications or card images or tutorials or guides. Anybody is welcome to help.

The Raspberry Pi Forum has a list of Project Ideas & Links, to help people get started.

Please add links to your projects (and ones you find interesting).

Fill in each section:

  • Project Title (as a link to the project webpage or connected wiki page)
  • Project Description (including any additional links or information
  • Skill Level/Ages it is aimed at (Any/Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced)
  • Tags (Keywords related to the project, i.e. LCD Screen, Teaching, Python)
  • Author(s) or the group who are producing it (also if it is an Open/Community Project for anyone to contribute)
  • Project Status (Theory/Not Started/In-Progress/Available).

Community Project List

Project Title and Link

Project Description





Build your own 433MHz Based Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Tutorial on how to build your own wireless temperature and humidity sensors based on 433MHz, Raspberry Pi is used as base station to collect the sensor data. German Tutorial.


433Mhz, Temperature, Humidity, sensors

[1] Philipp Schweizer


pi-web-agent: A web application to control the Raspberry Pi for the everyday user

The pi-web-agent is a web application that aims to provide a more user friendly way of interacting with the Raspberry Pi and performing basic and daily tasks by eliminating the need of using the command line directly. It provides update management, file browsing, pi camera control, firewall management mechanisms and other features.


pi-web-agent, web, gpio, pi-camera controller, web controller, monitoring

Vasilis Nicolaou et al. - Open project

Available - Continuous development. 3 months release cycle.

PiGI - A universal RPi Geiger-Mueller tube Interface

The PiGI is built as a ready-to-go drop-in module for the Raspberry Pi to transform it into a versatile geiger counter to measure/monitor radioactivity. It will generate the required high voltage the counting tubes need to operate and it will safely invert the counting impulses to a falling edge, detectable by a GPIO Pin on the PI. But it's also designed in such a universal way in order to be very hackable. Basically it can be connected to any processing system that can detect falling edges.

Easy to Advanced

geiger, counter, radiation, monitoring

Apollo-NG Mobile Hackerspace

Prototype finished / Active development - Waiting for community feedback to start crowdfunding

RPi Eyetracking

develop understanding of gaze in humans and model in real time on the web.

  • Accessibility: move cursor with eye by gaze
  • Research: study perception
  • Visualisation: develop and communicate models
  • HTML5: easy to understand and change
  • Augmented Reality: read signage from image todo ~:"

Easy to Advanced

perception, eye, visualisation

jay@peepo.com Jonathan Chetwynd

beta and in active development

Pi In The Sky


Cloud Storage and Management - Basic concept: Enable ways to easily switch and share system images for the R-Pi and manage user data, allowing joint development and easy management of set-ups.

  • Fast/Easy backup of system/data to external storage or network (local or cloud).
  • Management/Repository of base images.
  • Boot from network

Forum Link: Pi in the Sky - Cloud management?


Cloud, Storage, Management

Meltwater - Open Project

Not Started


BerryTerminal is a project to turn the Raspberry Pi into an affordable thin-client. It allows the user to login to a central Edubuntu or other LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project) server, and run all applications on the central server.

Advantages of using a central server include:

  • Greatly simplifies management.
  • Applications only need to be installed to the central server, and are then available on all Raspberry terminals.
  • Only need to backup the central server, instead of the individual Raspberries.
  • Because the applications run on the central server, they are not affected by the resource limitations Raspberries have, allowing users to run applications like LibreOffice.


Thin client, terminal, Edubuntu, LTSP

Floris Bos - Open Project

First beta released

Home Automation and Monitoring

Home automation using Raspbery Pi is active in different places. Here are a few links


Weather, Heating, Automation, X10, OneWire

Open Project


Raspberry pi... In a laptop

Me and my colleagues are starting a computer company and we are making our first prototype with a raspberry pi! Slim,Sleek, and just plain awesome! Boy, Will this be interesting! Of course it is just a prototype and speed doesn't matter in this case. Stay tuned here and [##raspberrypilaptop.tk here]! Edit: Disabled the link for it redirects to an ad page!


Prototype, Laptop

hackery21 - Suggestions Accepted


BlueProximity 2.0

Detect presence in any room via a small number of R-Pis and Bluetooth Devices [Blueproximity] is already there, this will be a complete rewrite to manage sensor networks and put some fuzzy logic on top.


Bluetooth, Presence, Sensors, Network, Home Automation

highno - Open Project

Ideas and first code is setup

Raspberry Pi Seed Field

Provides a simple torrent centre that allows users to host a seedbox.


Torrents, Seeding, Web, Internet, Linux

SeanB - Open Project/Suggestion


Arr (Audio relay raspi)

The idea is to create a wireless speaker. Being able to get audio from smartphones or computers. Protocols like DLNA, Airplay and A2DP could be supported. An advanced option could be to use pulse audio libraries from linux to synchronize music on multiple raspis. The speakers attached to the raspberry pi could be a commercial ones or your HiFi but we are also thinking about some DIY solutions. For instance one could install the raspi and the speakers on the ceiling of multiple rooms.


DLNA, Airplay, Pulse, Audio, Music, Speaker, HiFi

Jordi - Open Project


Raspberry Projects

Collaboration of projects from start to finish from all levels of knowledge.


Education, Entertainment, Home, Auto & Others.

Symon Davis - Open Project



WiringPi is a library by Gordon Henderson which seeks to bring easy GPIO access in both shared-memory and /sys/class/gpio modes to the Pi. The WiringPi project seeks to wrap this library for a variety of languages, creating a standardised way of working with the Raspberry Pi hardware.

WiringPi currently works with C, Ruby, Python and Perl.

Gordon's pages on WiringPi are here: https://projects.drogon.net/raspberry-pi/wiringpi/

And the GitHub organisation is here: https://github.com/WiringPi


GPIO, Serial

Original author: Gordon Henderson Open Project - All ideas and contributions welcome


Serial JPEG camera (TTL, µCAM

Attaching the "Serial JPEG µCAM" (UK) to the GPIO pins and take pictures on command.

Easy hardware wise (no soldering), an understanding of compiling needed.

camera, hardware, gpio, ttl, serial ucam, image, photo


completed --.

Digital Signage

A place to collect information about using the Raspberry Pi to drive displays of useful information.


digital signage, kiosk, public displays, dashboards


Various --.

Christmas Pi-Lights

Synchronizes Christmas lights with midi audio. http://chivalrytimberz.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/pi-lights/



Project Status - completed --.


Tool to copy RaspberryPi Operating System to SD card on Mac OSX. Free and Open Source Software


Mac OSX, install, SDcard


Stable --.


Tool to clone (backup) the RaspberryPi Operating System from SD card to IMG files on Mac OSX.


Mac OSX, backup, clone, SDcard


Stable --.


Convert your RaspberryPi into a 6LoWPAN Border Router, using this Contiki-based application built for Raspbian. Free and open source.


Internet of Things, 6LoWPAN, IPv6, Contiki


Beta released, active development --.


802.15.4 GPIO Daughter Board

An open-hardware GPIO extension board for RPi with an Atmel Microcontroller and IEEE 802.15.4 radio. Enables communication with other 802.15.4 wireless devices.


open-hardware, 802.15.4, extension board


Stable --.

PiFace controls a slot-car

A step by step description how to get programmed control


PiFace, opto-relais, python, sensor



PiCy - Raspberry Pi Cyborg

Beginners guide to building your own robot


PicoBorg, robot, wireless



Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

An Internet radio with LCD display, push button control, a menu system and loadable playlist. You'll find a video and complete source code at http://www.usualpanic.com


internet radio, LCD display



Radio Pi Plate

A Raspberry Pi Internet radio built using Adafruit's RGB LCD Pi Plate. This radio includes, multi-color LCD display, push button controls, menus and loadable playlist. You'll find source code at http://usualpanic.com.


internet radio, LCD display



Cloud Sync for BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry 10 device files can be accessed over TCP/IP. This project just automates the process to sync the files over Wi-Fi to make a personal cloud sync server.


mobile phones


Available and works with latest version.

1.8" screen on Raspberry Pi

Getting 1.8" TFT LCD display modules from Adafruit and SainSmart to work as displays for the Raspberry Pi.



Valent - Open Project


Setting up a Raspberry Pi media center

What I want ideally is a Xbox Media Center setup capable of playing 1080p media with DTS output, I then also want it to be capable of playing Spotify headless without having to use my TV as the screen. So really I want an Android client on my phone controlling spotify on the Raspberry Pi and XBMC for when I'm watching media on the TV.


media center, music, video, multimedia

Valent - Open Project


Raspberry Pi Owncloud (dropbox clone)

What I'm going to show you is how to build a your own personal dropbox like service using a raspberry pi and some software called OwnCloud. ownCloud gives you freedom and control over your own data. It's a personal cloud which runs on your own server.


cloud, storage

Valent - Open Project


PiUi - control your Pi with your phone

PiUi enables you to add a mobile phone user interface to a Raspberry Pi project when a screen and keyboard aren’t a practical solution. It’s magic: PiUi makes your Pi behave like a wireless access point, and connecting your phone is as easy as…[restrains self from making obvious bad pun].


UI, mobile phone

Valent - Open Project


Information on Streaming Video from the Raspicam

A new user gets his camera module for his Raspberry Pi. Immediately he wants to be able to stream video from it to another computer or another device. How does he go about doing this?

Several do-able methods highlighted.

Video, Camera, Streaming, video surveilance.

Ricgal - Open Wiki Page in elinux

Summary of projects and methods. Editors welcome to add to this page.

[| Raspberry Pi - Wifi Router Project]

Welcome to the Raspberry Wifi Router Project! This project is brought to life to build a feature rich wireless router out of a Raspberry Pi. The complete project set-up is done in Rasbian and HTML/PHP

People with a mediocre knowlegde of Linux and HTML/PHP can contribute to the project which is hosted on github at https://github.com/ronnyvdbr

Rasbian, lighttpd, hostapd, coovachilli, squid, squidguard, privoxy

ronnyvdbr - Open Project

Version 1.4 of the software is ready for download at http://ronnyvdb.synology.me:8080/RaspberryWAPv1.4.zip

[| Raspberry IP Camera Project]

Welcome to the Raspberry IP Camera Project! A PHP/Bootstrap web interface which aims to be a solid interface to the different camera features of the Raspberry Pi.

People with a mediocre knowlegde of Linux and HTML/PHP can contribute to the project which is hosted on github at https://github.com/ronnyvdbr/RaspberryIPCamera

ronnyvdbr - Open Project

Version 1.4 beta of the software is ready for download at:

Rasky - open KVM over IP

Rasky is an expansion board for RPI2 featuring a KVM over ip complete with video acquisition, keyboard and mouse emulation, a couple of relays and more


KVM, video acquisition, remote desktop

Nextime - Nexlab

Prototype experiments are working, now crowdfunding to produce 300 pieces, active developement

Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi

Kali linux with TFT display and finger friendly pygame touch menu to start stop services or launch penetration testing tools like mana-toolkit and metasploit. Nice project to get into pygame, hacking, python, etc.


Kali Linux, TFT, Bluetooth / Wifi / General penetration testing, Pygame

Open Project with forum to exchange ideas and add features and improvements

Working. Ready to go images and step by step instruction for building it yourself.

Sticky Fingers DV-Pi

Sticky Fingers neglected stepsister "Damn-Vulnerable Pi". Raspberry Pi with vulnerabilities to practice your penetration testing skills. Comes with pygame touch interface or cli interface for headless operation.


Kali Linux, TFT, Penetration testing, Pygame, Python

Open Project with forum to exchange ideas and add features and improvements

Working. Ready to go images and step by step instruction for building it yourself.


Web UI for bootstrapping and testing custom OS images with specific packages installed.

Beginner and Intermediate.

saas, linux, bootstrap

Denismosolov - Tolstoyevsky