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Raspcontrol is a control centre/information panel developed specifically for the Raspberry Pi. It is built using PHP and requires no other dependencies apart from PHP 5.4 installed to operate.


Getting the files

You can download Raspcontrol as a .zip from the GitHub Repository via the following link:


If you have Git installed you can clone the repository:

git clone https://github.com/Bioshox/Raspcontrol.git

Getting it running

Raspcontrol is developed to be deployed with PHP 5.4, although it is possible to deploy it with any other HTTP server too.

Deploying with PHP 5.4

Navigate to the location you downloaded Raspcontrol to, from that location we need to give ./start.sh Read/Write/Execute Permissions

sudo chmod 0777 ./start.sh

Now we can deploy the server by running the command from the same location

sudo ./start.sh

You can now access Raspcontrol from localhost directly on your Raspberry Pi, or the internal IP address from a different computer on your LAN and externally if you're using port forwarding. (Raspcontrol binds to the IP address by default.)

This will work with PHP 5.4 ONLY you can check your PHP version by running the command

php -v

With Apache

Running Raspcontrol under Apache is considered insecure and not recomended.

Add www-data on Apache to the SUDOERS file


On the last line add the following


Raspcontrol is not designed for production use, adding www-data to a SUDOERS file is dangerous and is not a permanent solution.

If you're accessing Apache's web avaliable directory on your Raspberry Pi (using startx) you can navigate to localhost/raspcontrol. If you're accessing it from another computer on your network you will need to navigate to http://your.internal.ip/raspcontrol.

Setting up your account

Now you will be promted to setup a new account. This will create the initial user to login to the system.


Please feel free to contribute to this development!

raspcontrol.com | Raspcontrol GitHub