Release Creation Steps

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Here are the steps used to create a new release of CELinux:

Release Steps

- create the patchset for the release
  - apply incoming patches that are approved
  - test the kernel (details are left as an exercise for the reader...)
- choose a release EXTRAVERSION
  - this should be celfn, where n is the next release number, relative to the base kernel number for celf
- choose a directory name for the release.
  - this has historically included the release date, in the form YYMMDD.  (eg. celinux-040126)
- collect the pathes into a single directory
  - this includes the set of patches, the file 'patchfile', and the tpm program
  - example commands:
mkdir patches-040126.release
cd patches-040126.release
cp ../patches.test/pl.last patchlist
for i in `cat patchlist` ; do cp ../patches.test/$i . ; done
cp ~/bin/tpm .
cd ..
  - make sure the verify the contents of the file: patchlist
  - you may want to test the contents of patches.release with:
tpm -t base/linux-2.4.20.tar.bz2 -f patches-040126.release/patchlist -o here
cd here
make menuconfig
make dep
make bzImage
<run/test the thing...>
- create the patchset tarfile
 - format for filename is celinux-YYMMDD.patchset.tar.bz2
 - example command:
 tar -cf celinux-040126.patchset.tar patches-040126.release/*
bzip2 celinux-040126.patchset.tar

- create a tree tarfile
  - this is a tarfile of the kernel source as an integrated tree
  - format for filename is celinux-YYMMDD.tar.bz2
  - example commands:
 tpm -t base/linux-2.4.20.tar.bz2 -f patches-040126.release/patchlist -o celinux-040126
tar -cf celinux-040126.tar celinux-040126/*
bzip2 celinux-040126.tar
- create a wiki page for this release
  - this should have the base kernel, patchset, integrated tree, and table of patches
  - it would be nice if it had links to technology pages as well
  - copy the contents of CELinux Next Release, and save it to a new page
  - see CELinux_040126_Release for an example
- upload the tree tarfile
  - easiest way is to use the (private) TransferPage
- upload the patchset tarfile
  - easiest way is to use the (private) TransferPage
- copy the patchset tarfiles to a public web server area
  - ssh to the tree server
  - copy the files from the TransferPage attachment area to: /var/www/html/treeserv/source
- make links on the wiki page for the tree tarfile and the patchset tarfile
- update link on home page
- update the Source Tree Information page
  - update link to current version of tree
  - update the table of supported platforms, if needed
  - update the list of included technologies, if needed

Release Checklist

Release checklist and worksheet:

Item Value or Status ARRAY(0x101062ec)ARRAY(0x10161154)_NotesARRAY(0x1016ddd0)ARRAY(0x10167468)
EXTRAVERSION chosen? (celfn) . .
release date chosen? (YYMMDD) . .
patchset directory populated? . .
patchset tarfile created? . .
tree tarfile created? . .
wiki page created? . .
patchset file uploaded? . .
tree tarfile uploaded? . .
links created on wiki page? . .
link created on tree web page? . .