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This page has miscellaneous links to release information for the CELF source tree:

Old Releases

- CELinux_031030_Release - First public release (no EXTRAVERSION)
- CELinux_040126_Release - celf1
- CELinux_040304_Release - celf2
- CELinux_040503_Release - CELF 1.0 release, also known as celf3

Release resources

- Release Creation Steps 
- CELinux Next Release

Changes for future releases (2.6 kernel)

- have a formal submission page, so submitters can provide information in structured form (easier for me to manage)
  - needed for legal reasons - need to track submitter, company, date of submission, etc.
- start requiring Changelog (information at the file and change level, inside the patch)
  - format follows GNU standard Change Log format - see:
- have a separate readme file
- incorporate readme and changelog in header of patch
  - may need a utility to transfer header of one patch to another (useful for when patches are refactored)
- add columns to patch table on release page
  - add link to individual patch file from each patch entry
  - add changelog, readme, new (flag)