Scratch on RPi

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Scratch is included on the default Raspian distribution and all comments here refer to Scratch on the latest Raspbian image.

For a full information on how to use and program using Scratch, please refer to the main Scratch website.

This page was created to allow people to improve the performance of the current default Scratch implementation which has not been optimised for the RPi.

There are some known bugs which can be fixed or alleviated with some little fixes.

It is our (simplesi and all the others) intention to implement an auto-update script that can do all the necessary work automatically but at the moment things have to be done step-by-step

Known Issues that can be improved upon

1. Scratch runs slowly in general.

Increase the speed of your RPi by using the turbo-mode option within Raspbian. This gives increased CPU speed during intensive work and makes a noticeable effect when editing and running complex scripts.

2. Scratch runs very slowly when variables are displayed on the screen (high scores etc)

(This fix is now in the updated Raspian - just do)

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

3. Using Sound blocks causes crashes This has also been fixed - see above

4. Key presses "Stick" when using KeyPressed Sensor blocks

This has also been fixed - see above