Sensoray 1012

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1012 8ch Frame Grabber on AGX Xavier

8-channel frame grabber with audio capture

  • Simultaneously captures 8 composite video + 8 analog audio
  • 8 NTSC/PAL inputs captured to YUYV, UYVY, RGB555, or RGB565
  • 8 audio inputs captured to PCM
  • Real-time image resize and H/V flip
  • Ultra-compact footprint


Jetson AGX Xavier does not have mPCIe slots (supports newer M.2) so you will need a PCIe adapter. I have had sucess with the StarTech PCIe to Mini PCIe card connected to the full size PCIe port on the Xavier.

Once installed it will identify itself on the PCIe bus as shown below:

0003:01:00.0 Multimedia controller [0480]: Intersil Techwell Device [1797:6869] (rev 01)


Some issues using Gstreamer 1.14 on ARM64 so be aware. Low level API appears to work OK see the github project in the links below for an example of how to use this.

On Jetson AGX Xavier:

  • V4L2 works OK
  • Gstreamer1.0 Errors.
  • Mplayer works OK.
  • VLC shows distorted image.

SDK Installation on target

There are some issues with the kernel source on the Xavier for native driver compilation. Please use this setup script on Jetpack 4.1 to rectify these issues and prepare the build system.