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16:20, 25 July 2010 ECE597SumoRobotPanels.svg (file) 24 KB A drawing of the panels that combine to form the sumo robot's chassis. This drawing was converted to DXF format and a water cutter used to cut the panels from aluminum scrap. Note that some minor changes were made to the 1
15:48, 25 July 2010 ECE597SumoRobotBase.jpg (file) 567 KB The mechanical and electrical base of the sumo robot. No sensors are installed in this image. 1
05:39, 21 May 2010 OMAP3-GPTimer-PWM.svg (file) 19 KB Added a margin so that MediaWiki doesn't crop off bits of the text. 2
05:37, 21 May 2010 OMAP3-GPTimer-PWM-Waveform.svg (file) 27 KB Flipped the waveform to be correct, added padding around the edges 2