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Here is an example of a page which uses lots of tables and table formatting.

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Basic colored region

NEWS: CELF has announced their Open Project Proposal plan for 2010 contract projects.

Basic Table with border and colored header

I do these a lot.

Description Status Notes
Linux-tiny In active maintenance. Path set published for 2.6.24 Maintainer is Michael Opdenacker (with help from Thomas Petazzoni). See Linux Tiny Patch Details for details about the patch status.
kpagemap - memory instrumentation mainlined in Feb, 2008 (for 2.6.25)
  • Can show details about every allocated and virtual page on the system.
  • Introduces PSS and USS size metrics
    • PSS - Proportional Set Size
    • USS - Unique Set Size

test of table syntax

foo bar
cell 1 cell 2
cell 3 cell 4

Action Item lists

See Embedded wiki to-do list

Status Table

There are probably better ways to do this, but see:

Project Status Table