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Updates for recent (2.6.32) kernels

Much of the Linux kernel-related information on this page is outdated. I'm not sure of the exact versions involved, but for 2.6.32 at least things have changed dramatically. I have a nice writeup on how to do muxing in this kernel version that I'd like to post. How should things be reorganized?

feel free to start where every you want on editing the pages, just don't delete whole pages or massive content. prpplague

Added U-Boot muxing example

I've added an u-boot related example (uart2 enabling) right after kernel related one..
Hope I've done things the right way.

Added another U-Boot muxing example

I added a section below the 'Recent Kernels' muxing detailing how I muxed via u-boot. I also added a note in the 'Recent Kernels' section mentioning a problem I ran into while trying to get that approach to work.


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