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  • flameman: i found problem in adding text label ... how to do it ?
  • Prpplague: there is plenty of documenation on the page, simply click the "Editing Help" option at the bottom of the text entry window, or simply go to if you intend on doing a complete rework of a page, start a NEW page. if after you are done it is a better page than the original, someone will add a pointer to the new page, but we will NEVER delete the old page.
  • flameman: ok. i will never delete the old pages, I've uploaded all the new pages i could, they are missing of attachments, i will complete them.

  • flameman: How to remove files uploaded ? i've uploaded 2 files i need to remove: name changed
  • wmat: you can't. Simpy re-upload the files with new names, if necessary. But if the only change is the name, it'd be better to change the references.
  • flameman: ok, i will reupload. But if i remember right, the old wiky was able to remove files ...
  • flameman: i need help to complete this table
addr begin addr end area
40000 ?? ram, userspace
400000 ?? ram, userspace
0xef600700 0xef600700+4 PPC405GP, GPIO output register
0xef600704 0xef600704+4 PPC405GP, GPIO Tri-State register, Controls if pin is active when high.
0xef600718 0xef600718+4 PPC405GP, GPIO Open Drain register. Controls if pin is an open drain or active output.
0xef60071c 0xef60071c+4 PPC405GP, GPIO Input register. synchronized with OPBClk
0xfff80000 ??? ???
0xfffa0000 0xfffaffff flash, bootloader data
0xfffb0000 0xfffbffff flash, bootloader data
0xfffc0000 0xffffffff flash, bootloader

Open questions

how/where is ram mapped ?

how/where is harddisk mapped ?

how/where is pci mapped ?

what is the bootstrap addr of the flash ?


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