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Raspberry Jam ideas and summaries can be collated here. If you're unfamiliar with wiki markup, please refer to Help:Formatting.


This page exists in order to collate venue suggestions during the planning of new groups. (Maintaining lists of potential venues in forum posts and via email may not be the most efficient means.)

Bristol area

Venue District Postcode Price Accesible by all
(level access, lifts)
Public transport Parking Pubs/cafes
(within walking distance)
Bristol & Bath Science Park Emersons Green BS16 7FR The Folly
Bristol Hackspace Bedminster BS3 4EA
University of Bristol SU Clifton BS8 1LN
University of the West of England SU Filton/Frenchay BS16 1QY
Knowle West Media Centre Knowle BS3 4EA
Hamilton House Stokes Croft BS1 3QY
City of Bristol College College Green (also other sites) BS1 5UA

Local project presence

  • Did you find out something useful at a Raspberry Jam, or see a project you'd like to learn more about?
  • Have you heard about projects at a Jam which you couldn't get to?

Shared information can be collated here.


01: 2012-08-20, BBSP
Project Name (or pseudonym) / Company Short description Notes
x10i Heber
RISC OS Keith Dunlop
Lego Pi Gordon Henderson
Voice controlled robotic arm Arthur Amarra
Raspberry PiMP Fen Consultants
PCATS Patrick Arnold
Charm Peter Nowosad
Twitbeeb Barney Livingston
02: 2012-10-15, BBSP
Project Name (or pseudonym) / Company Short description Notes
Raspberry Pi Synthsizer Phil Atkin
Voice controlled home automation Arthur Amarra
Talking boat Chris Wallace

Presenters' tips

At larger Jams, presenters may be talking to a large audience with huge variations in knowlegde. They will probably have limited time in which to present the project.

Both audience members and presenters can contribute tips here. When there's a concise list, perhaps we can propose that Alan consider hosting it centrally.

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