UDOO install the Arduino IDE

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Install from terminal

Open a new terminal and download the Arduino IDE for UDOO with the following command:

   wget http://udoo.org/download/files/arduino-1.5.4-for_UDOO.tar.gz

This command will download the package at your home folder. Extract the IDE:

   tar -zxvf arduino-1.5.4-for_UDOO.tar.gz 

Run the IDE from command line:


Install from GUI

Browse to UDOO's website to the Driver and Tools tab at the Downloads page and download the Arduino IDE for UDOO package then extract it.

Open the folder and double click on the Arduino executable file, then choose Run.

Create a shortcut in the Applications Menu

To add a shortcut icon on the Application menu you have to:

  • Right click on Application menu
  • Select the “Edit Menus" menu item
  • Select programming from the left menu, and then click on “New item”.
  • Fill the form with:
  Type: Application
  Name: Arduino IDE
  Command: arduino-1.5.4/arduino (or path to your Arduino folder)
  Comment: Arduino IDE for UDOO