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BeagleBone USB HUB Cape

The BeagleBone USB HUB Cape expands 4 USB port for BeagleBone boards. This cape also has USB battery connector. Use with USB battery, you can use BeagneBone outdoor.


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Revision Changes

Revision A0

Initial release of BeagleBone USB HUB Cape prototype

Software Support

  • No need software.

Getting Started

Required setup:

  • A BeagleBone USB HUB Cape
  • A BeagleBone
  • A 5V DC power supply (we recommend 5V - 2A) or Panasonic QE-PL203 USB battery

Following the instructions below to start using your BeagleBone USB HUB Cape:

  1. Mount the BeagleBone to the connectors on the bottom side of the USB HUB Cape.
  2. connect BeagleBone's USB port and USB HUB Cape by USB connection cable.
  3. Plug in a 5V DC power supply to the DC connector on the BeagleBone. Or Plug in Panasonic QE-PL203 USB battery to USB HUB Cape.

You can start using the board.


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone USB HUB Cape:

Electrical Specifications

Power 5V via BeagleBone header
5V via USB Battery
USB HUB 4 USB2.0 downstream port, 1 USB2.0 upstream port, 4 Transaction Translators
Indicator 4 USB port LED
Connectors 4 USB type A connector
One 4pin header for USB upstream port

Mechanical Specifications

Size 101.6mmx71.12mm
Layers 4
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

BeBoPr-Plus Pin Usage

The BeagleBone USB HUB Cape uses 3 signals including:

  • GND
  • VDD_3V3EXP(Optional)
  • VDD_5V(Selectable)
  • SYS_5V(Selectable)
  • I2C2_SCL(Optional)
  • I2C2_SDA(Optional)


EEPROM Support Not yet
Board Name
Manufacturer Terratechnos,Inc.
Part Number TTI13-U151/A
Pins Used 16


Product Images


System Reference Manual

  • T.B.D.

Hardware Files

  • No

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