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Audio Video Information and Entertainment Systems (AVIES) was formed in 2009 to specialize in hardware and software systems engineering. Rich Liston brought his 25 years of experience in complex electronic systems design, integration, support, and maintenance into the digital information and automation world. His experience includes configuring and maintaining LASER and Infra-Red Airborne Targeting systems for the United States Air Force, as well as designing and creating custom high-end digital signage and entertainment systems while serving as Director of Engineering at Keywest Technology.

One award winning system design was the audio-video interactive museum-style experience at the University of Tennessee Football Hall of Fame, which used proximity and audio sensors interfaced with custom code controlling delivery of content to visitors based on ambient conditions and physical position within the facility. Another Digi-Award winner was the interactive live-data and touch screen system at the Walnut Valley Garden Center in Wichita, Kansas. It's designed to attract patrons to use Google Earth maps which measure the square footage of their property. This info is then translated into a product order for the proper amounts of various lawn and garden products.

AVIES intentions are to bring automation to the world, living by the motto, “simplify and automate.” We work on new designs to deliver information in its various forms to a content hungry world. We challenge ourselves to create new products that fill the voids in technological delivery. From simple, yet appealing, LED billboard installation hardware and integration devices to low profile computer and electronic enclosures, our goal is to make the life of everyone integrating electronics into every day life that much easier.