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Male, 22 years

Current Designation: Product Development Engineer @ Hella India Automotive, Pune, India

Interest in Linux (embedded Linux): During my Diploma in Embedded System Design from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, India

worked on Linux System Programming, Kernel Modules, Device Drivers (char Drivers, psuedofs and others). i have very deep interest as a hobby in Porting Linux and Other OS on different Kind of hardware.

The subsytems that i am deeply interested are the Bootloaders, Scheduler and the memory manager. and i am pretty new to Linux, having spent only 6 months on a linux system and working on Kernels, i have developed a kind of affection for Hardware level routines in the kernel, specifically the rest_init(), start_kernel() the booting process, 2 stage loaders and all.

I also aim to develop a COMMERCIAL product one day using open source technologies, this way i contribute back to the source.

Other OS that i have worked on: FreeRTOS, Xenomai, ATtiny

Currently Working on : U-boot, Raspberry-Pi, AIOS, Firmware and LDD