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Technical aspects: In the past 13 years of research and development, the technology is relatively comprehensive, good problem-solving ability and keen to find problems. Have the idea of coordinating various work. Logical thinking is clear, work management is strict, and planned projects are allocated on time and on demand。 Team building: First: communication and expression skills Good language skills and timely communication. Good communication and cooperation with the third party when leading the team lies in the ability to well express the needs and the height to be achieved in the early, middle and later stages of the project in the outsourcing technical exchange. At the same time, in-depth analysis of each other's technical points. Communication in the project is no less than or even beyond the preparation and debugging of the program, so we attach great importance to the interaction with the team and the cooperative relationship with the third party。 Second: work enthusiasm From the beginning to the end of a plan, invest all your energy to complete the business snowball, so as to improve the cohesion of the team and enhance your sense of achievement. Make the team and yourself busy and don't waste time. The individual and team are full, and everyone has more passion and motivation to