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In addition to 20 years of industry experience, Eric Wheeler holds a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science from Portland State University and a Graduate Security Certificate certified by the National Security Agency (NSTISSI-4011). In addition, Mr. Wheeler actively researches, designs, and implements network and computer and telephone security systems.


To understand Eric’s background, one must understand what it means to attain a Master of Science degree and NSTISSI-4011 certificate through Portland State University. Formal education provides a foundation for twenty years of industry experience, so this discussion scratches only the surface of his experience, skill and expertise.

Portland State University is one of the leading institutions for Computer Science; its students and faculty and continue to publish industry leading papers on a diverse set of topics.

PSU has been recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence (one of 50 in US) by the National Security Agency since 2003 and provides the National INFOSEC Education and Training Program (NIETP) as specified by NSTISSC Training Standard 4011. In addition, the Master of Science program in Computer Science is recognized by the Committee on National Security Systems. Little more needs to be said on the subject, and it is clear that the Computer Science Department at PSU holds a top-notch program.

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Portland State University requires the completion of one degree track; not to be outdone, Eric completed three: Security, Systems, and Theory, in addition to the NSTISSI-4011 NSA certified graduate certificate.