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Hello! I am an Automobile Engineering student, automobile isn't just the field of study for me, but also my passion. So if you love automobiles too, I am sure you will enjoy my company ;) . And as an automobile engineer I am deeply interested in the Autotronics (Automotive Electronics), Embedded systems used in Automobiles and of course the general working of the Internal Combustion Engine and the car over all. But as an Automobile enthusiast I love off-roading vehicles, like Range Rovers, of course the fuel gulping Hummers, along with a basic Indian company- Mahindra. Also among two wheelers I am a big fan of the Royal Enfield Motor Cycles (Indian Made only), and definately my first vehicle is going to be a Royal Enfield. Along with Automobiles Robotics also interests me (especially those robots fighting in the Robot Wars Arena), and like watching crazy scientists making Autonomous robots. Under Robotics I also like UAVs and Autonomous of Automobiles. Also my cousin has made me a timely follower of the computer world. And I am astonished by the cheap, but effective and powerful boards like the the Raspberry Pi, BeagleBoard Black, etc., and this drives me into the Embedded Systems used into Automobiles. Now leaving aside the technology, my life is greatly influenced by music, mainly Indian Classical and light classical music i.e. from the black and white era of Bollywood. This has intersected my life with Vinyl Records, and now I am proud owner of a large collection of these. And I also dream of making a Record Player out of my old record player some day...