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Community Volunteer at Mass Luminosity


" Mass Luminosity is a social media company creating powerful experiences for gamers worldwide. "

I help run the Steam group (500+ members) and have watched Mass Luminosity grow from 20,000 members to 150,000+ members.

Writer and Social Media Manager at BetaWatcher

Early 2012-Present

" BetaWatcher's goal is to keep gamers up-to-date with everything video game testing "

I started to write for BetaWatcher in early 2012 and started their social media accounts and have run them ever since. We are very proud to have a large group of readers and followers.

Writer and Editor/Admin at


Writing for GoGeeks was the first thing I did in terms of tech writing/management. I started writing on everything tech related; hacks, news and reviews. I focused on iOS apps and Windows hacks.

Game Staff Admin at Reflex League (now closed)

2011-2012 (Close)

I helped get Reflex League off the ground and did a majority of the bug testing for their website, unfortunately the website has closed down due to forces outside of my reach.