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  • Worked for 24 years at IBM mainly in design of large complex wide area data networks
  • Spent two years with European Space Agency (COS-B mission mainly)
  • Currently Teacher in Charge of ICT at Trinity School in Newbury
  • Member of Royal Naval Reserve (RNR) 1979-1991 based at HMS Mercia (Coventry) and HMS Wessex (Southampton)
  • Lighting Designer - see Association of Lighting Designers and currently also Lighting Manager of Chesil Theatre in Winchester - see Chesil Theatre Website
  • Made first microcomputer in 1977 (computer club with ESA) then moved on to Motorola 6800 from kit then on to pre-built systems Tandy TRS80 to Sinclair Spectrum to IBM Personal Computer.
  • Experience in programming with IBM BASIC, IBM/370 Assembler, IBM/System7 Assembler, PL/I, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++ - and now Python