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Vitaly Wool has nearly 20 years of experience in embedded software development. Starting in real-time and critical systems, he moved to Embedded Linux in 2003, making numerous contributions to MTD device drivers and flash filesystems. Vitaly was a senior developer for MontaVista Software, developing and upstreaming support for ARM SoCs from NXP Semiconductor and Freescale.

In late 2009, Vitaly moved to Sweden where he began working with the emerging Android OS in the consumer electronics field. He took part in deployment and productization of Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct support in Android phones, and later contributed to establishing Sony Mobile as a leader in battery lifetime of mobile devices. At the same time, Vitaly made important contributions to the Linux memory management subsystem.

Now managing director of Konsulko AB in Malmö, Vitaly continues to focus on performance and power optimization in the mobile and automotive industries. His personal interests include scheduling algorithms in non-SMP architectures, run-time performance optimizations and running Linux on extremely small systems.