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The architectures I've worked on so far include the Tandy TRS-80, BBC Micro, Amstrad CPC 464, Acorn Archimedes, Acorn A series, Z80, x86 PCs from 386 onwards, Dec Alpha, VAX, Sun Sparc, Intel based Macs and embedded systems. Other than Basic interpreters, I have worked on LINUX, OSX, RiscOS, UNIX, VMS and Windows operating systems. During research activities, I have programmed in Basic, C, C++, FORTRAN77, JAVA, LABVIEW, Perl, PHP, PYTHON, and several scripting languages. While working as a system administrator, I managed: LINUX and Windows desktops and laptops (using cfengine, kickstart and disk imaging), a batch system (Torque+Maui), web servers, RAID based NFS file servers, backup systems, private networks (NATing), dhcp and caching name server configurations. Research activities on the European Data GRID project led me to write a new computing GRID simulation tool and contribute to middle-ware development for database applications.