ZipIt Wavemon

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The ZipIt version of wavemon provides 3 screens of info and one screen of preferences.
Screen 1 and 2 are useful only when the ZipIt is associated with an access point, and much of the info is related to that AP.
Screen 3 provides MAC address, essid and a measure of signal strength for all access points that the Zipit can see. the ZipIt need not be associated for this screen to provide useful info.

Make sure that you use the .wavemonrc file, and that the Statistics update interval is set to 500ms or more.

Screen 1


  • Shows what wireless protocol is in use 802.11b for the ZipIt.
  • Shows the essid of the associated access point.
  • Shows the "nickname" of the associated access point.


  • Shows 4 bar graphs of: Link quality, signal level, noise level, and sig/noise ratio.


  • Shows number of received and transmitted packets (bytes)
  • Shows some other stuff I'm not sure of


  • Shows the current frequency, sensitivity, and transmit power
  • Shows current mode, and the AP's MAC address
  • Shows some more info about the AP Network
  • Shows the interface name (eth0 for the ZipIt) and its MAC address
  • Shows the Zipit's IP address
  • Shows the Zipits Netmask
  • Shows the Zipit's Broadcast address.


Screen 2

Shows a level histogram of the signal level and noise level for the associated access point. The graph limits can be set in the preferences screen. 


Screen 3

Shows a list of Access point MAC addressed, essid's, and link quality


Screen 4

Allows setting of various preferences that effect the operation of wavemon. Selecting "save Configuration will save the .wavemonrc file in the users home directory, /root for the ZipIt. This will not survive a reboot.