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(Design Files)
(Design Files)
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== Design Files ==
== Design Files ==
* [[media:Power Supply Cape A1 Eagle.zip|Eagle design files]]
* [[media:ADC_Cape_A1_eagle.zip|Eagle design files]]
* [[media:ADC_Cape_A1_schematic.pdf|PDF Schematic]]
* [[media:ADC_Cape_A1_schematic.pdf|PDF Schematic]]

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General Information

The ADC Cape is an accessory board designed to be used with the BeagleBone and BeagleBone Black. It provides 8 analog inputs via a MCP3008 accessable via SPI.


  • 8 Analog inputs.
  • Selectable between 5v reference and user supplied reference voltage.

Reference Material



  • MCP 3008 ADC
  • 10 pin input header (8 analog in, User voltage reference and ground)
  • 3 pin header with jumper for selecting user or 5V reference

Design Files