APEX Bootloader

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APEX is a boot loader for embedded systems. It was written to support the Sharp LH series of SystemOnChip processors though it has been ported to a few other ARM targets including the Samsung S3C24xx series.

o Easy to build. It depends only on shell utilities and GCC. o Easy to configure. There is a single configuration file and it uses the linux-2.6 Kconfig infrastructure. o Excellent dependency management. Uses Linux kernel Kbuild to optimally manage dependencies. o Modular. Commands and drivers may be included or excluded by configuration. o Supported targets: LH79520, LH79524, LH7A400, LH7A404, IXP42x (e.g. Linksys NSLU2), S3C24xx, and iMX31. o Support for RARP IP configuration and TFTP transfers to the target. o Filesystem drivers for FAT, EXT2, and JFFS2. o Partition driver for FIS as used by Redboot. o Small footprint. A limited feature version can be as small as 16KiB. o Support for booting APEX from non-memory-mapped storage, e.g. NAND flash, OneNAND, I2C