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Platform for cloud and module based IoT
ARTIK 5 antennas servicing 5 RF circuits
ARTIK 10 computer with breadboard
Endgame for ARTIK based production

ARTIK5 and 10 are based on Exynos5 SOC, board is shipping : NIC, WiFi, BT, BLE (GATT PXP and HRP profiles)

For reference please head to the official documentation at :

The propose of this page, is to give complimentary informations that really matters to developers, like sharing R&D recipes, and share knowledge and efforts to provide the best support for favorites OS.

Supported OS are :

Hardware Specs & Status

Cloud or Modules

ARTIK is positioned to facilitate rapid IoT development, but does so with two strategies. Namely, the ARTIK brand refers to a cloud technology (software service) as well as a module technology (hardware integration.) According to the top level ARTIK website, Your IoT journey starts here. Choose one or both:

ARTIK Development

A third strategy to using the ARTIK platform, is to start from the developer portal which documents both module and cloud IoT technologies.

IoT Messaging

Out of the box, ARTIK module boards include messaging brokers in their eMMC based OS. In addition to Mosquitto, it's easy to install RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ with the dnf(1) (fork of yum) package manager.

Messaging software
Application Protocol
Mosquitto MQTT

Resources :