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[[Category:ECE497]] [[Category:Adafruit]]
== Overview ==
== Overview ==

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The Adafruit XBee series 1 modules use the 802.15.4 protocol to communicate with each other in a point-to-point, multipoint or mesh network. The modules communicate to an embedded device or a computer through a serial connection. The XBee modules can be purchased from Adafruit here. We also used a plug in board in order to speed development which can be bought here. The plug-in board allows the user to plug the board into a breadboard and start communicating with other modules immediately.

Inputs and Outputs

BeagleBone Usage

The BeagleBone can support up to 8 analog inputs and has the ability to supply an analog 1.8 V voltage and an analog ground. I have connected my beagle as shown after soldering the joystick and some wires to the dev board: