Add device-tree support to pn544 NFC driver

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Add device-tree support to the pn544 NFC driver
Tim Bird, Sony Mobile


The NXP PN544 NFC chipset is used in a very large number of Linux-based devices. The driver in mainline was submitted by developers at Nokia, and was last worked on in 2011. It is missing any integration with device-tree. Such integration would make it easier to use in current products. Some companies are apparently using their own driver for the PN544. It would be worth investigating if the driver in mainline is missing some functionality that prevents its use, and fixing that as well.

This project would consist of adding device-tree awareness to the existing driver, at drivers/nfc/pn544.c. This awareness would consist of integrating the driver with the DT-isms for regulators (and/or gpios) and i2c.

Related work

None that I can think of.


Rough estimate is 2 to 4 weeks. Maybe quicker with someone familiar with device-tree stuff.

Contractor Candidates

None yet.