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Here are some commands in Android toolbox, along with help about them:

The list of commands that toolbox provides (as of Android version 4.3) is: cat, chmod, chown, cmp, cp, ctrlaltdel, date, dd, df, dmesg, du, getevent, getprop, grep, hd, id, ifconfig, iftop, insmod, ioctl, ionice, kill, ln, log, ls, lsmod, lsof, lsusb, md5, mkdir, mount, mv, nandread, netstat, newfs_msdos, notify, printenv, ps, reboot, renice, rm, rmdir, rmmod, route, schedtop, sendevent, setconsole, setprop, sleep, smd, start, stop, sync, toolbox, top, touch, umount, uptime, vmstat watchprops, wipe

Here are details about some individual commands:


Usage: ps [-t] [-x] [-P] [-p] [c] [pid] [name]

   -t show threads, comes up with threads in the list
   -x shows time, user time and system time in seconds
   -P show scheduling policy, either bg or fg are common, but also un and er for failures to get policy
   -p show priorities, niceness level
   -c show CPU (may not be available prior to Android 4.x) involved
   [pid] filter by PID if numeric, or...
   [name] ...filter by process name


Usage: top [ -m max_procs ] [ -n iterations ] [ -d delay ] [ -s sort_column ] [ -t ] [ -h ]

   -m num  Maximum number of processes to display.
   -n num  Updates to show before exiting.
   -d num  Seconds to wait between updates.
   -s col  Column to sort by (cpu,vss,rss,thr).
   -t      Show threads instead of processes.
   -h      Display this help screen.