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* (8) [[AvgSFWTaskForce]] : Ruud.Derwig -(AT)-Philips.com
* (8) [[AvgSFWTaskForce]] : Ruud.Derwig -(AT)-Philips.com

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The idea of the Audio Video Graphics Task Forces is to bring small team together with a common interest in a particular area of expertise. Some of this is already happening, but may be unknown to the rest of the AVG CELF team. After the January 2005 technical conference and Working Group Session, we had the following matrix of Companies and their area of interests:

AVG project list

CELF member: \ Technology: Audio only Video (A) Video (D) Graphics (2D) Graphics (3D)
Renesas, Mitsubishi, Conexant, Philips - - - DirectFB -
Philips (2), Samsung (2nd phase: Renesas, Mits.) - UHAPI UHAPI - -
Philips (interim sol). - - - Multi-FB -
Renesas, Mits., IMG? - - - - OpenGL ES
Renesas, Mits., Toshiba Europe, LG - - DVB - ARIB - -
None ALSA? - - - -
ETRI, Renesas - - GTK+ - -

From this table I see possibly some task forces, i.e. a small team of contacts, to focus on e.g.:

  • (1) Linux DVB documentation; extensions to support analog; higher level API
  • (2) Working on an open source implementation of a "UHAPI PC" (initial version by Philips)
  • (3) DirectFB Acceleration; consider API extensions,
  • (4) OpenGL ES versus full OpenGL
  • (5) OpenGL ES relation to DirectFB (work with Khronos group)
  • (6) A UHAPI team with detailed look at DVB & DirectFB
  • (7) Linux DVB add support for Japanese DTV format (ARIB)

You may edit this page to add suggestions or even better add your e-mail address below.

Task Forces: