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Barebox is an attempt to work around the limitations that U-Boot shows through its age. Originally dubbed U-Boot v2, it now has a different name because its design goals are different.

Barebox now support support arm, powerpc, mips, nios2, blackfin, x86

Barebox (U-Boot-v2)

U-Boot-v2 Presentation from CELF Embedded Linux Conference Europe Grenoble, 2009-10-16 (pdf)

Booting Linux Fast & Fancy (pdf)


One of the great thinks with barebox, it's the sandbox.

Basically you can develop and debug generic feature

1) compile it

for other arch than x86 or ppc you need to use the next branch or the mainline

As I just recently fix the support for all host

ARCH=sandbox make sandbox_defconfig

ARCH=sandbox make

now just start it

  # ./barebox

   barebox 2011.10.0-00119-gad62fdb-dirty (Oct 15 2011 - 11:38:46)

   Board: sandbox
   Malloc space: 0x7f679f24b010 -> 0x7f679fa4b010 (size  8 MB)
   Open /dev/env0 No such file or directory
   no valid environment found on /dev/env0. Using default environment
   running /env/bin/init...