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BeBoPr++ Cape

The BeBoPr-plus-plus is the 3rd generation BeBoPr cape. It is the successor of the BeBoPr-plus cape and the original BeBoPr Cape. The BeBoPr++ Cape provides all the necessary I/O to control a Mendel/Reprap 3D-printer, or other (multiple axes) stepper driven devices:

  • 3 Analog inputs optimized for thermistors.
  • 6 Digital inputs for limit switches.
  • 3 High-power PWM outputs for heater(s) and/or fan.
  • Multiple axes steppermotor interface, 5 axes with external drivers or 4 axes with plug-in Pololu/StepStick modules.
  • Single supply (12-24 Volt) operation. The integrated 5V/2A switching stepdown convertor powers the Cape, the BeagleBone, and external sensors.
  • All I/O is protected to prevent damage to the BeagleBone by accidental short-circuits or wrong logic levels.
  • Steppermotor operation at up to 36 Volts, depending on the drivers being used.
  • Multiple LEDs, mounted near the input and output connectors provide status information.

All 'hard' realtime control, e.g. step pulse generation, acceleration etc. runs on a dedicated PRU coprocessor that is part of the AM335x on the BeagleBone. The 'soft' realtime control, e.g. traject planning, temperature control etc., runs on the ARM processor under Linux.

  • The stepper control code accelerates and steps all axes simultaneously at up to 60 kHz steprate.
  • The step-pulse duration on the E-axis can be controlled for laser engraving/cutter applications.

All Linux code is Open Source. A license for the coprocessor code comes with the board, the code is provided as embedded binary module.


Electrical Specifications

Power Single 12-24 Volt operation with stepdown for BeagleBone and sensors.
5V/2A sourced via expansion header
Indicators 2 green LEDs show power present state
7 yellow LEDs show active sensors and software status (or heartbeat)
5 red LEDs show active PWM outputs, emergency stop and I/O enabled state
Connectors Pluggable power connectors
Screw terminals for PWM outputs
Molex KK pin headers for I/O
Elevated headers for the BeagleBone
Sockets for stepper driver modules
Pin Header for external stepper drivers

Mechanical Specifications

Size 100 x 107 mm
Layers 2
PCB Thickness normal
RoHS Compliant Yes


BeBoPr++ Pin Usage
EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name BeBoPr (3D-printer/CNC) Cape
Version R2
Part Number cape-bebopr-brdg
Pins Used 29


Open Source Partial
System Reference Manual Yes
Schematics No
PCB Files No
Gerber Files No
Bills of Materials No

Manufacturer's Link

For more information please send mail with subject "BeBoPr++ sales" to or follow one of these links:


BeBoPr wiki



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