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This is the BeagleBoard specific page for Google Summer of Code. The application is filed and we are looking for people looking to be mentors to fill out the ideas page, including adding their name to the list of possible mentors. Let's try to make sure the ideas have as broad appeal as possible and provide enough detail to ensure successful execution.

Key Dates for 2010

  • Mentoring organization application window March 8-12.
  • Continue to provide your Ideas page updates right up to the March 18 publishing of accepted mentoring organizations.
  • Student discussion window March 18-March 29.
  • Student application deadline April 9.
  • Student ranking/scoring deadline April 21.
  • Accepted proposals published April 26.
  • Students and mentors work together on refining the task definition and solution April 26-May 24.
  • First half project execution May 24-July 12.
  • Mid-term evaluations due July 16.
  • Second half project execution July 13-August 9.
  • Final evaluations due August 20.