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Proposal for Device Tree Improvement


  • Pre-application phase


  • Completed "Hello Wolrd" of cross compilation mentioned in the requirements list.
  • Sent a PR to the mentioned upstream #145

About You

About Your Project

  • Project name: USB configfs in device tree


  • In embedded linux , device tree is important in Configuring the board mainly the non discoverable and writing drivers for it. Also after kernel revisions and board modifications the dts are usually modified for errors and adding more peripherals on board. Currently the usb is setup through scripts. To reduce the boot time and make peripherals enable during boot can be done through device tree file.

Implementation Details

  • USB Bindings for am33xx are mentioned in the documentation. Using the device tree design principles and the bindings mentioned to create device tree with discoverable USB is the main goal to reduce unnecessary scripts after boot . Also ensuring portability due to device tree configs.


Date Status Details
13/04/2021 to 17/05/2021 Application Review Period Right After submitting the application I will go through rigorous set of reference materials udemy course which has practical implementation with device tree. Resource 1 Resource 2 Resource 3 Resource 4
17/05/2021 to 07/06/2021 Community Bonding Coding Begins
14/06/2021 Milestone #1
  • Build and test the already present device tree files
  • update as per mentioned kernel as necessary
21/06/2021 Milestone #2 Build and Test A prototype of Device Tree
28/06/2021 Milestone #3 Configure USB Node for device tree
05/07/2021 - 10/07/2021 Milestone #4
  • Review the usb node configuration for errors
  • Documentation for everything till now
17/07/2021 Milestone #5
  • Verify the driver OF (named after openFirmware) integrations
  • Rewrite with the changes required
24/07/2021 Milestone #6
  • Integrate with libusbg gadget schemes
  • Build and test functionality on all Beagle Devices
31/07/2021 - 03/07/2021 Milestone #7 Documentation of everything till now
10/08/2021 Milestone #8
  • Compile with other latest kernels
  • Test the kernel boot and Verify the functionality
17/08/2021 Milestone #9
  • Add additional configurations for overlays
  • Document If anything remaining
24/08/2021 Milestone #10 Completion of youtube video
31/08/2021 Milestone #11 Completion of GSoC