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BeagleBone DVI-D Cape

The BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape provides BeagleBone the capability to add additional external memory devices. The External memory devices are interfaced via general purpose memory controller (GPMC) on the AM335x. Supported memory devices include NOR flash, NAND flash, or other memory devices that are asynchronous, synchronous, 8-bit or 16-bit.

Note: The BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape only provides memory expansion capability for BeagleBone. It requires a memory module to work with BeagleBone.

Revision Changes

Revision A1

Initial release of BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape.

Software Support

  • There's currently no software support for BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape. This cape is sold for development purposes only.


Followings are some specifications of the BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape:

Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via expansion header
Connectors Two 46-position Beagle connector
One 10-position PMIC expansion connector
One 40-position memory expansion header
One 40-position memory expansion socket

Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.15" x 3.40"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

BeagleBone Memory Pin Usage

The BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape uses 55 signals including:

  • VDD_3V3EXP
  • DGND
  • GPMC_AD[15..0]
  • GPMC_A[19..0]
  • GPMC_CS1
  • GPMC_OEn
  • GPMC_WEn
  • GPMC_CS2
  • GPMC_CS0
  • GPMC_WPn
  • I2C2_SCL
  • I2C2_SDA
  • SPI0_CS0
  • SPI0_CLK


EEPROM Suport On memory modules
Board Name BeagleBone Memory Expansion Cape
Version 00A1
Manufacturer BeagleBoardToys
Part Number BB-BONE-MEME-01
Pins Used 63

Product Images


Hardware Files

BeagleBone Memory Expansion Revision A1

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