BeagleBone TiWi-5E w/ EXT. Antenna

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BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna

The BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna is an add-on board that provides Wi-Fi capability for the BeagleBone. This cape is equipped with LSR TiWi-5E module that is capable of providing high performance 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n. The TiWi-5E chip use on this cape is based on the Texas Instrument WL1273L chipset. This cape uses an external antenna.

Note: Bluetooth for this cape is NOT supported in the latest Angstrom release for BeagleBone.

Note: Hardware incompatible and will damage BeagleBone Black if used together.

Revision Changes

Revision A

Initial release of the BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna

Software Support

  • BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna revision A is supported by Angstrom release 03-27-13 onward.

  • Major BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here.
  • Intermediate BeagleBone image releases can be downloaded here

Please follow the instructions here to write the image file to your SD card on a Windows machine.

Getting Started

Required Setup:

  • A BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna
  • A BeagleBone (with supported software)
  • A 5V DC power supply (we recommend 5V - 2A)
  • A mini-USB cable

Following the instructions below to start using your BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna:

  1. Mount the BeagleBone TiWi Cape to the BeagleBone
  2. Make sure the SD card using with BeagleBone has supported Angstrom image or later
  3. Plug in a 5V DC power supply to the DC connector on BeagleBone
    • Note: We recommend using a 5V - 2A supply. However, more current supply may be required if more capes or peripheral devices are connected.
  4. Connect the BeagleBone to your PC using mini-USB cable
    • Note: the mini-USB port on the cable should go to the mini-USB connector on the BeagleBone. The other end of the cable should go to PC
  5. Open a terminal program (e.g. TeraTerm) and connect to the corresponding COM port for BeagleBone
  6. Log in as root
  7. Now you can start using linux command for wireless device.
  8. Example: use following command to scan available networks
    • iw dev wlan0 scan
    • For more information please visit Wireless Kernel
    • Note: Latest Angstrom image for BeagleBone supports iw and nl80211


Electrical Specifications

Power 3.3V via expansion connector
5V via expansion connector
WiFi IEEE 802.11 a,b,g,n
Antenna External
Connectors Two 46-position stackable connectors
LEDs WLAN enable LED
Bluetooth enable LED
3.6V power good indicator
1.8V power good indicator

Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.15" x 3.40"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

BeagleBone DVI-D Pin Usage

The BeagleBone TiWi-BLE Cape w/ Chip Antenna uses 21 signals including:

  • VDD_3V3EXP
  • VDD_5V
  • I2C2_SCL
  • I2C2_SDA
  • GPIO1_7
  • GPIO1_2
  • GPIO1_12
  • GPIO1_15
  • GPIO1_27
  • GPIO1_31
  • GPIO1_30
  • GPIO1_4
  • GPIO1_1
  • GPIO1_0
  • GPIO1_29
  • GND


EEPROM Suport Yes
Board Name BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna
Version A
Manufacturer BeagleBoardToys
Part Number BB-BONE-WIFI-04
Pins Used 30

Product Images



Hardware Files

BeagleBone TiWi-5E Cape w/ External Antenna Revision A

To download all files at once please click here