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BeagleBoard E-Ink Platform Driver is a port of am300epd.c (a platform driver for the Broadsheet E-Ink display controller on mach-pxa) over to the BeagleBoard, and an open design for an interface adapter board that allows the beagleboard expansion header to be connected to the beagleEPD interface board that contains the Broadsheet controller that controls the E-Ink panel.

Currently, am300epd.c and broadsheetfb.c have been merged into the Arm tree. See the patch info.

The next step for BeagleEPD is the completion of the interface board design and then to start work on beagleepd.c which will be the am300epd.c port for the Beagle board.

Code for BeagleEPD will be under the same GPL license as am300epd and will be posted to the arm mailing list during development as was done for am300epd.c. Links will be added here as it progresses. The design for the interface board will be under a creative commons license that will be determined. The schematic is currently being designed using Protel but will be published in PDF format only.

Note, there is a different effort done by a company called Moto Labs (as pointed out by Dirk here) Android Beyond the Phone . That development is not related and is not similar at all. That design does not talk to E-Ink directly, instead it uses a USB connection to an XScale CPU. In contrast, BeagleEPD is intended for direct interfacing so that only the BeagleBoard and the E-Ink display controller are needed.