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This page demonstrates how you can use a microSD in the microSD card slot on the BeagleBone Black as storage device. You will be able to use any microSD card you have to store files on without taking up an extra slot on your USB hub.


These instructions are meant to be executed in Angstrom's GUI on your BeagleBone Black. If you have another Linux computer you may be able to use its Disk Utility in these instructions as well.

1. Using a USB adapter, insert the microSD into a USB hub on your BeagleBone Black (along with a mouse and keyboard)
2. Open up Disk Utility

  • Applications > System Tools > Disk Utility

3. Unmount the microSD volume along with any other volumes you don't want to keep
4. Click Format Drive and format the drive

  • Scheme: Master Boot Record is fine
  • Warning this erases everything on the drive

5. Select the Free section under 'Volumes' and then click Create Partition
6. Make the size as large as you want and make sure the type is FAT. Name it whatever you would like and click 'Create'
7. Mount the volume you just created by clicking Mount Volume
8. Open the the volume with the file explorer and create a new file in it named uEnv.txt
9. Right Click > Create Document > Empty File
10. Open uEnv.txt and fill it with the following 4 lines of code:

mmcroot=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro

11. Save the file and shutdown your BeagleBone Black
12. Remove the microSD from the USB hub and insert it into the microSD slot on the BeagleBone Black
13. Apply power to your BeagleBone Black and when its starts you should have the microSD mounted as available storage.