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Here is some information about board farms.


At the Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2017 Andrew Murray held a BoF session titled Farming Together. The purpose of this BoF was to bring together people that are actively working on board farms to create a community, to knowledge share and to start a collaborative effort.

Add your name and contact information if you would like to be notified when an e-mail list is created, or are generally interested in this topic:

  • Andrew Murray - <amurray (at)> *
  • Tim Bird - <tim.bird (at)> *
  • Robert Schwebel <r.schwebel (at)> *
  • Arnout Vandecappelle - <arnout at mind dot be> -- doesn't have a board farm but is interested
  • Mirza Krak - <mirza.krak (at)> *
  • Alan Bennett - <alan (at)>
  • Geert Uytterhoeven - <geert (at)> *
  • Andrea Scian - <andrea.scian (at)>
  • Kieran Bingham - <kbingham (at)> *
  • Jan Lübbe - <j.luebbe (at)> *
  • Marco Cavallini - <m.cavallini (at)>
  • Kevin Hilman - <khilman (at)>
  • Bill Mills - <wmills (at)>
  • Tom Gall - <tom.gall (at)>
  • Stephano Cetola - <stephano.cetola (at)>
  • Mike Holmes - <mike.holmes (at)>
  • Matteo Vit - <matteo.vit (at)>
  • Attie Grande - <attie (at)>
  • Roland Hieber <r <dot> hieber <at> pengutronix <dot> de>
  • Tim Orling <ticotimo (at) gmail (dot) com>
  • Ryan Arnold <ryan <dot> arnold <at> linaro <dot> org>
  • Behan Webster <behanw (at) converseincode (dot) com>
* = have seen this person on the e-mail list, or already subscribed.

Mailing list

Discussions on this topic have started at on the "Automated Testing" mailing list of the Yocto Project

Next meeting

To be determined.

Maybe at Plumbers 2018, Connect, or ELCE 2018

See Automated Testing Summit



If you know of a presentation on this topic, please add it below:

  • "Test Standards - Can Fuego, Lava and others agree?" by Tim Bird at Linaro Connect SFO 2017
    • description: Tim proposes several areas of standardization collaboration between different Linux test initiatives
    • Slides and Video
  • "Herd Your Boards, Become a Farmer" by Geert Uytterhoeven at ELCE2016
  • "Automation beyond Testing and Embedded System Validation" by Jan Luebbe (Pengutronix) at ELCE2017
  • Introduction to
  • Piece of cake - testing remote embedded devices made easy with MuxPi by Paweł Wieczorek at FOSDEM 2018

Best Practices


Misc / Tools


SD muxers

  • USB-SD-Mux by Pengutronix
  • SD-MUX by Tizen (deprecated - see MuxPi)
  • MuxPi by Tizen (MuxPi is the successor to SD-MUX)

Kevin Hilman mentioned (at ELCE 2017) wifi SDCards as a way to handle the SD mux problem. Was he referring to something like these?

power control



  • BayLibre ACME cape - power and temperature measurement with different probes (USB, Jack power cable, HE10)
  • Sony_Debug_Assist_board - Open Hardware design by Sony for multi-function DUT controller (USB, serial, power, buttons)
    • connection to host = USB
  • MuxPi by Tizen Open Hardware design by Samsung for multi-function DUT controller (serial, power, buttons, network?)
    • connection to host = network

USB mega-ports

A few people are using these:



  • spend money on USB serial adapter cables - cheap adapters sometimes drop connections and are a pain to debug
    • FTDI cables seem to work well.

Farm Survey

Tim Bird is conducting a survey of Farm hardware (DUT controllers). See this page: Board Farm Survey