Boot Time Presentations

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Introduction to NAND Flash Aware Hibernation-based Boot [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Kyungsik Lee, LG Electronics
Summary: The slides cover existing boot time reduction and
hibernation boot techniques and talks about new proposal
for hibernation boot.

Improving Embedded Systems Boot Time by Hibernation: An Overview on the State of the Art and a Case of Study on i.MX family of Processors [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Nicola La Gloria & Laura Nao, Kynetics LLC
Summary: This Presentation will provide the current state of the
kernel development of Hibernation on ARM architectures
and details tests on the popular i.MX family of processors
including the new i.MX8 which today is one of the most
promising SoCs.

Secure Updates for a Memory Constrained XIP System [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Vitaly Wool, Konsulko
Summary: This session details updates using XIP stands for eXecute In Place
– a technology that allows code to be executed directly from flash
without copying the code to RAM first. This technology is primarily
used on memory constrained devices for faster and efficient boot.

Secure Boot from A to Z [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Quentin Schulz & Mylune Josserand, Bootlin
Summary: These slides introduce each and every link of the
chain-of-trust from the boot ROM to filesystem,
as well as the boot-loader and kernel with real life examples.

BoF LinuxBoot: Linux as Firmware [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Chris Koch & Gan Shun, Google
Summary: This presentation covers methods to efficient reduce
drivers and firmware in a Linux system for efficient and
faster boot.

Improving the Bootup Speed of AOSP [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Bernhard Rosenkranzer, Linaro
Summary: This presentation provides information about the
approaches to improve time from cold start to UI.

How to Boot Linux in One Second [ELC 2015 ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Jan Altenberg, Linutronix, GmbH
Summary: This presentation covers some technical basic, optimizations
in boot-loader, kernel, file-system and application.
ARMv5 based device is taken as a use-case.

Fastboot Tools and Techniques [ELC 2015]

Presenter: John Mehaffey, Mentor Graphics
Summary: This presentation talks fastboot, a mechanism
to boot the Embedded system faster.

Tutorial: Useful systemd Functionalities Without systemd [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre
Summary: This presentation talks about ACME, sigrok and faster boot.

Update on Boot Time Reduction Techniques with Figures [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Michael Opdenacker, Free Electrons
Summary: This session covers extensive details about Linux
boot time reduction methodology and resources.

Linux Quickboot [ELC 2014]

Presenter: Tristan Lelong, Adeneo Embedded
Summary: This session covers different mechanisms that exist
to optimize boot time and ways to integrate them to
achieve the best time on a custom board with fully
loaded kernel running.

12 Lessons Learnt in Boot Time Reduction [ELCE 2014]

Presenter: Andrew Murray, Embedded Bits Limited
Summary: This presentation explains different ways to reduce boot time.
Also describes pros and cons of those methods.

Boot Time Optimizations [ELCE 2012]

Presenter: Alexandre Belloni, Adeneo Embedded
Summary: This presentation talks about boot time optimizations,
it's use cases, kernel compression, SMP and file systems.

Snapshot Booting on Embedded Linux [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Kang Dongwook (ETRI)
Summary: This presentation discusses about a fastboot mechanism
called snapshot booting for achieving faster boot times.

Faster Resume For More Energy Savings on MeeGo [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Yoshiya Hirase (Nokia)
Summary: This presentation discusses about hibernation to
handset devices for more energy saving.

Linux without a boot loader [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Greg Ungerer
Summary: This session explores options to boot Linux faster
without the boot loader.

The Right Approach to Minimal Boot Times [ELCE 2010]

Presenter: Andrew Murray
Summary: This presentation gives information about principles
behind boot time reduction, an approach to boot time reduction
with a Case study on " MS7724 'Ecovec'".

Barebox: Booting Linux Fast and Fancy [ELCE 2010]

Presenter: Robert Schwebel and Sascha Hauer
Summary: This presentation provides information about
Barebox project, it's history, development resources,
hardware support and also Linux booting sequence.

Lightweight Prelinker for Kernel Modules [ELCE 2010]

Presenter: Carmelo Amoroso and Rosario Contarino
Summary: This presentation gives information about fast boot, kernel modules and Prelinker.
It states pros and cons of Prelinker and it's strategy.

Quantitative analysis of system initialization in embedded Linux systems [ELC 2009]

Presenter: Andre Puschmann
Summary: This presentation analyzes time taken by different layers
during boot time and initialization.

Update on Boot Time Reduction Techniques [ELCE 2009]

Presenter: Michael Opdenacker
Summary: This presentation discusses various techniques to reduce
boot time such as LZO kernel decompression, jffs2, disabling
console output, disabling auto IP config etc.

Tools and Techniques for Reducing Bootup Time [ELCE 2008]

Presenter: Tim Bird
Summary: This presentation discusses about the tools used such as
grab-serial for system-wide measurement, bootchart, strace
and process trace that can be used for boot time reduction.

Bootup Technologies BOF [ELC 2007]

Presenter: Elias Kesh
Summary: The slides discuss about different charters of
Boot Technology Work Group (BTWG).

Parallelizing Linux boot on CE Devices [ELCE 2007]

Presenter: Vitaly Wool
Summary: These slides give information on boot up time, boot time
profiling, sequence driver init, asynchronous driver init.

Linux Suspend-to-Disk Objectives for Consumer Electronic Devices [ELCE 2007]

Presenter: Vitaly Wool
Summary: This presentation discusses about Suspend-to-Disk(STD),
compares with Suspend-to-Ram(STR), pros and cons of STD,
and also use case for CE devices.

Visualizing resource usage during initialization of embedded systems [ELC 2006]

Presenter: Matthew Klahn
Summary: This presentation does a quantitative analysis of resource
utilization during booting and initialization.

Boot-Time Optimization - results of applying currently available solutions [ELC 2006]

Presenter: Prof. Nicholas Mc Guire
Summary: The presentation discusses various optimizations that
can be applied in the kernel for faster boot time.