CE Workgroup Projects - LinuxCon Japan 2015

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The following projects are being presented by the CE Workgroup at LinuxCon Japan 2015

Please come by our booth to talk to CE Workgroup representatives about these projects. Our booth is located just outside the keynote hall.

LTSI Test Project

Shared Embedded Linux Distribution

  • This is a project to use Debian packages with the Yocto Project
    • Goal is to share the work of maintaining long-term support for an embedded distribution, by leveraging the work of the Debian project
  • See Shared Embedded Linux Distribution

Device Mainlining Project

  • This project aims to reduce the amount of out-of-tree code for Consumer Electronics projects (particularly mobile devices)
    • Research shows that, on average, a mobile product based on Linux and Android has about 2 million lines of code out-of-mainline
  • The new "Overcoming Obstacles to Mainlining" white paper is published at LinuxCon Japan 2015 (June 3, 2015)

Linux in Infrastructure

  • This project aims to address requiremens for using Linux in civil and societal infrastructure projects

eLinux wiki

  • The CE Workgroup continues to support this wiki, which has lots of information valuable to embedded Linux developers
    • This includes technical presentations from the last 10 years of Embedded Linux Conference events, as well as wiki pages for lots of technical areas and CEWG's projects