CI20 Troubleshooting

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This page aims to help you resolve comon problems you might have while setting up your MIPS Creator CI20 development board. If you need further help, please ask.

If you are new to the CI20, take a look at the Beginners Guide for some tips about getting started.

I think I 'bricked' my CI20 - do I need to return it?

No, you should not have to return the CI20 if you suspect you have only corrupted the software. The CI20 can always be un-bricked by booting from the SDcard, and in particular by booting the image that re-burns the factory default Debian7 to the NAND flash. That image, along with instructions, is available from the downloads page. You should try this procedure first, and if it fails, provide the logs from the burning and boot process along with your 'RMA request'.