Calamari Lure

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General Information

The Calamari Lure is designed as a demonstration platform for the MinnowBoardMax


  • 2 PWM controlled LEDS
  • GPIO Output controlled 7 Segment LED display ( Requires DT overlays pin 87 44e1095c gpio0[4], pin 86 44e10958 gpio0[5])
BBB Header Pin Mem GPIO
P9_17 pin 87 44e1095c gpio0[5]
P9_18 pin 86 44e10958 gpio0[4]
  • ADC input using a variable resistor slider potentiometer via a SPI based ADC
  • 3 GPIO inputs using a buttons
  • dual TTL uarts
  • RGB GPIO controlled LED

Reference Material



  • Single tricolored surface mount RGB LED (datasheet) for Rev A Version
  • 74HC595 Serial Shift Register (datasheet)
  • 7 Segment Display (datasheet) for RevA Version
  • 10k Slider Potentiometer (datasheet)
  • NPN Transistor MMBT2222A (datasheet)
  • Button

Design Files

  • Coming Soon!

Test Files

  • Coming Soon!