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USN: 4jc06is039 06919 Contact details: Mob: +919886091847 Email id :

Project title: UNIVIRTUAL Project objectives 1 We are aiming to build a tablet pc, which act as a pocket computer. 2 Aiming to bring all the applications to small handheld device to reduce the workload of the public. 3 This project aims at virtual completion of all daily routine work in no time.


Expected results:

Why not on other board? Duration:


1.2 1.3

1.4 We are aiming to build a tablet pc with the hawk board at its heart and a whole new range of peripherals. We are planning to replace the traditional lcd screen with a projector, thereby allowing the user to use any surface near him as a screen. Also the mouse interface is to be replaced by an ingenious haptic accelerometer device connected to your fingers thereby allowing your fingers to act as a mouse. A virtual keyboard is also to be provided.Haptic control of cameras with a whole range of other interfaces will make the tablet pc experience a lot more cool 2.1 2.2 2.3 All the required basic interfacings (projector, accelerometer, camera) to be completed. The Short term goal would be to setup the basic makings of a haptic tablet pc. The Long term goal would be to increase the range of haptic interfaces.



Hawk board /beagle board with its arm9 core and floating point dsp will provide all the computational support. The interfaces on the board will enable easier implementation of the project. 3-4 months

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