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The RPi Hub


R-Pi Hub R-Pi Hub


FR:R-Pi Hub FR:R-Pi Hub


DE:R-Pi Hub DE:R-Pi Hub

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Erhalte die aktuellsten Neuigkeiten von der Raspberry Pi Foundation Home Page oder in den Foren


The Rpi bèta board (model B)
A 3D rendering of the Raspberry Pi logo by forum user Antario. Source
Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Raspberry Pi Wiki-Seiten von einer Community erstellt werden und die Raspberry PI Foundation keine Verantwortung trägt für den Inhalt dieser Seiten.
Bitte beachten Sie, dass der Raspberry Pi bisher noch nicht erschienen ist - diese Seiten werden durch eine Community für den Start vorbereitet.

Der Raspberry Pi (kurz: RPi) ist ein kleinstpreisiger (~16GBP oder 25USD Model-A/~23GBP oder 32USD Model-B) kreditkarten-großer Linux Computer, um Kindern das Programmieren näher zu bringen.

Er wird durch die Raspberry Pi Foundation entwickelt, welche eine im Vereinigten Königreich registrierte Wohltätigkeitsorganisation ist (Registration Number 1129409).

The foundation exists to promote the study of computer science and related topics, especially at school level, and to put the fun back into learning computing.

We expect this computer to have many other applications both in the developed and the developing world.

  • Products are RoHS and CE compliant. Please contact Raspberry Pi for details regarding WEEE in your country.
  • For Raspberry Pi frequently asked questions see FAQ.
  • The expected price is 25$ for model A, and 35$ for model B.
  • Estimated availability (as of 31st December 2011) is end January 2012 for the first batch of 10 000. On 31st December 2011 at 22:00, the Foundation auctioned the first two of ten beta boards on a seven-day auction. The following eight were auctioned on the following days. Initially, there will be shipping from the UK and possibly the US, but will probably expand with local distributors by the second quarter of 2012.


  • Russell Davis (aka forum admin ukscone) has a series of blog articles recording his perspective of the Raspberry Pi story in several parts from the beginning.

RegHardware did a very detailed analysis on the Raspberry Pi, well worth a read:

RegHardware - Psst, kid... Wanna learn how to hack? - The £25 computer to teach youngsters real computing skills By Chris Williams

You will often hear mention about the BBC Micro Computer when people talk about the purpose of the foundation, a great article by RegHardware details the history of the BBC Micro Computer and why it was brought about.

Getting Started

Buying Guide

Purchase a Model A or Model B Raspberry Pi from the Raspberry Pi Shop website More detailed information can be found on the RPi Buying Guide page.

When available it will be announced!!!

DO NOT purchase from anywhere else until official resellers have been confirmed!

Basic Hardware Setup

Beginners Guide

You've just got your new Raspberry Pi device - what now? See the Beginners Guide for information on setting up your Raspberry Pi Device for the first time or visit the RPi Projects, Guides & Tutorials pages to get started.

If you are really impatient and just want to get running , have a look at RaspberryPiFirstSteps.



Distributions & Software

  • There are a number of operating systems and pre-configured images for use with the Raspberry Pi, available in the Distributions section.
  • Main distributions include Debian ARM, Fedora, KidsRuby etc.
  • The Raspberry Pi is focused on Programming and supports a wide range of languages, many tutorials are available.

Projects, Guides & Tutorials


Supporting Communities

Schools, Universities, Clubs & Groups

Doing a project at school or have a Raspberry Pi Club, add it in this section to allow others to follow your progress!

  • A key aspect of the Raspberry Pi Foundation's aims is to encourage education, several groups including Computing At School aim to bring Computing Science back into schools.
  • We also have a bunch of educational links about RPi and tangent subjects.

Visitor Book

  • Share your thoughts, ideas, comments and thanks within the visitor book.
  • If you have any interesting articles or links which you want to share you can add them here.

About the RPi Wiki

This wiki is open for the community. You are encouraged to sign up and add your own projects, guides and correct anything within it.

It is important that users like you continue to add to and grow this wiki, that way others will be able to come and do the same making the wiki a valuable resource.

Do not be afraid to add your bit, content is vital for the wiki to function.

See Help Editing The Wiki and the Upload File link (on the left sidebar) to reference images.


Please see the Talk:R-Pi_Hub page for outstanding issues and discussions regarding the RPi Hub and related pages.

Big thanks to and their groups for the wiki space and content which these pages have been grown from.