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These series of Digital Oscilloscopes use a standard ARM9 processor and are shipped with linux. The various models can be hacked to add additional features. These pages aim to document as much as possible to foster a wider community of developers for these DSO's.



  • Schematic from Tinhead on eevblog.com
  • Innolux AT070TN83 7" 800 x 480 Color TFT LCD Display
  • Samsung S3C2440 ARM9 System On Chip (SoC)
  • ISSI IS42S16160C-7TLI SDRAM (2 x 256Mbit = 64Mbyte)
  • Samsung K9F1208U0C Nand Flash (1 x 512Mbit = 64Mbyte)
  • ISSI IS61LPS25636A static ram ( 1 x 9Mbit = 1.125Mbyte)
  • Altera MAX-II EPM240T100C5N CPLD (complex Programmable Logic Devices)
  • 4 x Analog Devices AD9288 ADCs (yes, for 1GSs overclocked to 125MHz in 8ns, 4ns and 2ns time base - like Instek GDS1102A)
  • 2 x Analog Devices AD8370 amps (750MHz bw - input stage like Rigol)
  • 2 x TI LMH6552 amps (1.5GHz bw - input stage like Rigol)
  • Analog Devices ADCMP562 ECL comparator (for trigger)
  • Altera Cyclone III FPGA (ADC sampling control and data acquisition)


  • Tekway Bootloader (modify from mizi vivi)v0.10.0 (root@rain-fc4) (gcc version 2.95.3 20010315 (release)) #0.1.4 Tue Dec 1 10:51:38 CST 2009
  • Linux version 2.6.13 (root@rain-fc4) (gcc version 3.4.1) #3 Wed Jun 29 10:13:03 CST 2011
  • Bootlog from the stock Hantek firmware
  • Linux kernel uses the FriendlyARM QQ2440 machine type #1998
  • current firmware update from Hantek (does not include all of the firmware just updates)
  • uses 3 mtd nand flash partitions
    • bootloader(raw)
    • kernel(raw)
    • root filesystem (YAFFS)
  • Root filesystem information and System Resources information can be found HERE
  • Hantek Interface Protocol information can be found HERE
To decrypt firmware update:
- download the .up file from Hantek/Tekway website
- download and install GPG
- run gpg -d dstxxxxxxx.up > dstxxxxxx.gz (when asked for password type 0571tekway)
- gunzip the dstxxxxxx.gz
- untar the resulting file (it is dstxxxxxx. )
- untar again the resulting DST1000_4000.tar

To create new/custom firmware
- tar the folder "tekwayup_client" and the upend file to dst1000_4000.up.tar
- tar the resulting dst1000_4000.up.tar to DST1KB_version.tar and remove the .tar extension
  (for example dst1kb_2.06.8(101231.0) )
- Gzip the DST1KB_version to DST1KB_version.gz and remove the .gz extension
- encrypt with gpg -c DST1KB_version (when asked for key type 0571tekway)
- Rename the resulting DST1KB_version.gpg to DST1KB_version.up

What important to know :
- if you type/use wrong password or Tekway/Hantek change the password, your DSO will still not get bricked because the update will get canceled
- use "move" instead of "copy" in "update" script (or chmod 777 filename after copy)
- ensure that whatever inside folder "tekwayup_client" is listed in upend file too
(this means the "upend" file is a list of files and folders contained in "tekwayup_client" folder - but not subfolders and subfiles!)





Open Linux Support Todo List

  • gpl-violations.org has been made aware of Hantek issues
  • Setup of development platform for Das Oszi

Das oszi dev.jpg

  • Barebox bootloader is now booting on Das Oszi
  • Mainline Kernel 3.3 is now booting on Das Oszi
  • LCD display driver is now working on Das Oszi

Das oszi lcd.jpg

  • CPLD interface documentation and driver
  • FPGA interface documentation and driver




Das oszi-mb1.jpg Das oszi-mb2.jpg Das oszi-mb3.jpg Das oszi-mb4.jpg


Das oszi-ports.jpg picture from Tinhead on the eevblog



The UART TX and RX signals are at +3.3v TTL level which requires a RS232_Level_Shifter if connecting to a standard RS-232 interface or to a standard USB-to-RS232 adapter. A wide range of USB-to-TTLUART adapters are available including the following:

CA-42 Pinout

  • default console settings
    • 115200 baud
    • no parity
    • 8 data bits
    • 1 stop bit


200MHz Models

  • Hantek DSO5202M/B
  • Tekway DST1202B
  • Protek 3210

100MHz Models

  • Hantek DSO5102M/B
  • Tekway DST1102B
  • Protek 3110

60MHz Models