Das Oszi 3.5MM Uart

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This procedure has been documented in a way that someone who has very little experience with soldering or board modification should be able to accomplish the mod. In addition the parts chosen have been selected due to the availability, ease of use, and cost. Of course there are better ways, more robust solutions, and ones that are not so "hackish".

Note: If you use a 2.5mm stereo socket instead of the 3.5mm one, you can use the many "Motorola T191" and compatible cables as they are used with OsmocomBB and a varity of other Osmocom projects. The cables are also often available cheaper than the 3.5mm cable from Digikey linked below.




NOTE: Sparkfun.com has a good selection of compatible parts

Outside Case

Das oszi case outside-a.jpg

Das oszi case outside-b.jpg

Das oszi case outside-c.jpg

Inside Case

Das oszi case cage.jpg

Das oszi case inside-a.jpg

Das oszi case inside-b.jpg

PCB Connection

Das oszi case pcb.jpg

Das oszi case cable-d.jpg

Cable Sections

Das oszi case cable-a.jpg

Das oszi case cable-b.jpg

Das oszi case cable-c.jpg


Das oszi case cable-connected.jpg