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** QIL-A9260
** QIL-A9260
* FriendlyArm boards:
* FriendlyArm boards:
** [[Mini2440 | S3C2440 ARM9 Board]] [http://www.friendlyarm.net/products/mini2440]
** [http://www.hycshop.com/mini2440-c-1_7/ Mini2440 | S3C2440 ARM9 Board]**  
** [http://www.quickembed.com/Tools/Shop/ARM/201102/164.html Tiny6410 | S3C6410 ARM11 Board] Samsung S3C6410 based
** [http://www.friendlyarm.net/products/tiny210 Tiny210] Samsung S5PV210 based
  [http://www.hycshop.com/tiny6410-c-1_10/ Tiny6410 | S3C6410 ARM11 Board<nowiki>]</nowiki> Samsung S3C6410 based]** Samsung S5PV210 based
* [[Basi and Dingo DaVinci dm365 boards]] [http://github.com/bticino]
* [[Basi and Dingo DaVinci dm365 boards]]  
* [http://gumstix.com Gumstix Overo]
* [http://gumstix.com Gumstix Overo]
* [[Embedded Open Modular Architecture/EOMA-68]]
* [[Embedded Open Modular Architecture/EOMA-68]]

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Popular Devices

 Tiny210* Raspberry Pi from the RaspberryPi foundation based on on BCM2835 from Broadcom


 Tiny6410 | S3C6410 ARM11 Board] Samsung S3C6410 based** Samsung S5PV210 based






  • Sega
    • Dreamcast(SH7091) - Linux-SH Dreamcast Note that only machines with a a model number that begin with MIL-CD are supported. It is highly suggested to use a BBA for communication with the Dreamcast.
  • Hitachi ULSI Systems
    • MS7206SE01 (SH72060 Solution Engine)
    • MS7750SE01 (SH7750(sh4) Solution Engine)
    • MS7709SE01 (SH7709(sh3) Solution Engine)
  • SuperH, Inc.
    • MicroDev
  • HP Jornada
    • 525 (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 548 (SH7709A (sh3))
    • 620LX (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 660LX (SH7709 (sh3))
    • 680 (SH7709A (sh3))
    • 690 (SH7709A (sh3))
  • Renesas Technology Corp.
    • RTS7751R2D CE Linux Forum(CELF)Compliant Evaluation Board
  • Renesas Europe/MPC Data Limited
    • EDOSK7705 (SH7705 sh3)
    • EDOSK7760 (SH7760 sh4)
    • EDOSK7751R (SH7751R sh4)
    • SH7751R SystemH (SH7751R sh4)
  • CQ Publishing Co.,Ltd.
    • CQ RISC Evaluation Kit(CqREEK)/SH4-PCI with Linux
  • Kyoto Microcomputer Co., Ltd. (KMC or KμC)
    • Solution Platform KZP-01 (KZP-01[Mainboard] + KZ-SH4RPCI-01[SH4 CPU Board])
  • Silicon Linux Co,. Ltd.
    • CAT760 (SH7760)
    • CAT709 (SH7709S)
    • CAT68701 (SH7708R For A-one CATBUS[Designed for 68000 board] compliant)
  • Daisen Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd.
    • SH2000 (SH7709A 118MHz)
    • SH2002 (SH7709S 200MHz)
    • SH-500 (SH7709S 118MHz)
    • SH-1000 (SH7709S 133MHz)
    • SH-2004 (SH7750R 240MHz)
  • IO-DATA DEVICE, Inc.(Network Attached Storage [NAS Series)]
    • LAN-iCN (NAS Adapter for IODATA HDD with "i-connect" Interface)
    • LAN-iCN2 (NAS Adapter for IODATA HDD with "i-connect" Interface)
    • LANDISK (SH4-266MHz[FSB133MHz] RAM64MB UDMA133 USB x2 10/100Base-T)
    • HDL-xxxU (LANDISK Series NAS Standard Model)
    • HDL-xxxUR(LANDISK with RICOH IPSiO G series print monitor for Windows support)
    • HDL-WxxxU(LANDISK with wide body & twin drive support for Heavy storage or RAID1)
    • HDL-AV250(LANDISK with Home Network DLNA guideline support)
    • LANTank(LANDISK kit SuperTank(CHALLENGER) Series)
    • HDL-WxxxU based twin drive bulk NAS kit. LANTank have a special feature witch supported network media server(cf. iTunes etc..).
    • TMM1000 (SH7709)
    • TMM1100 (SH7727)
    • TMM1200 (SH7727)
  • Sophia Systems
    • Sophia SH7709A Evaluation Board
    • Sophia SH7750 Evaluation Board
    • Sophia SH7751 Evaluation Board
  • MovingEye Inc.
    • A3pci7003 (Using SH7750/ART-Linux [Linux with Realtime Extension])
  • AlphaProject Co., Ltd.
    • MS104-SH4 (SH7750R/PC104(Embedded ISA Bus) with apLinux)
  • Interface Corporation.
    • MPC-SH02 (SH7750S: ATX Motherboard Style)
    • PCI-SH02xx (SH7750S: PCI-CARD Style)
  • TAC Inc.
    • T-SH7706LAN another name "Mitsuiwa SH3 board" ["SH-MIN"] (SH7706A/128MHz Flash512KB SDRAM 8MB 10BASE-T)
  • SecureComputing/SnapGear (older products, check ebay etc, all can netboot and have a debug header)
    • SG530 (SH7751@166MHz RAM16MB FLASH4MB 2x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG550 (SH7751@166MHz RAM16MB FLASH8MB 2x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG570 (SH7751R@240MHz RAM16MB FLASH8MB 3x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG575 (SH7751R@240MHz RAM64MB FLASH16MB 3x10/100 1xSerial)
    • SG630 (SH7751@166MHz PCI NIC card RAM16MB FLASH4MB 1x10/100 1xSerial-header)
    • SG635 (SH7751R@240MHz PCI NIC card RAM16MB FLASH16MB 1x10/100 1xSerial-header)

i386 and compatible


Espow usb 3.0 expresscard